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Team Jack News

When a child is diagnosed with a brain tumor, the first actions usually revolve around ensuring his or her survival. However, brain tumor treatment can have long-term psychological effects that often linger after treatment.

Nick Herringer

By Shay Burk - Hastings Tribune - As you read this story, 18-year-old Nick Herringer may be lying on a table with his head completely immobilized as he goes through radiation treatment for brain cancer.


Ashley HomeStores in Grand Island and Kearney spent the week leading up to the Nebraska spring football game fundraising for the Team Jack Foundation.


Matt Welch - Star Local Media

On Saturday, Plano Senior alum Rex Burkhead and the Team Jack Foundation descended on Clark Stadium in their latest effort to raise money for pediatric brain cancer research, and they weren’t alone.


By Randy York -

Was Nation's No. 1 Highlight the Best TD Ever?


Joanna Bouras - KOLN

LINCOLN, Neb. -- More than 750 people attended the 5th Annual Team Jack Gala in Lincoln Saturday evening. The event raised money for and awareness of Pediatric Cancer.