Viral Video Star Attend Chiefs Game After Tough Diagnosis

Jack Hoffman Attends Bengals v. Chiefs Game After Tough Diagnosis

Viral Video Star Attend Chiefs Game After Tough Diagnosis

Thursday, August 7, 2014

KANSAS CITY, Mo. —A young boy who won hearts all over the world after a viral video -- came to Kansas City for Thursday night's preseason opener, despite getting another tough diagnosis this week.

Jack Hoffman was undergoing treatment for childhood brain cancer when he was given the chance to score a touchdown at the Nebraska Cornhuskers 2013 spring game. It was an opportunity made possible by friend Rex Burkhead, who now plays for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Hoffman came to see his friend and the Bengals play preseason football at Arrowhead Stadium.

"He's been battling a brain tumor for about the last three-plus years," said Andy Hoffman, Jack's father. "He had a couple of brain tumor surgeries and weeks of chemotherapy."

Jack Hoffman isn't a boy of many words, but he does have strong feelings about childhood brain cancer.

"It sucks bad," he said.

"He was in remission as of October 2013, and as of just yesterday, we learned that he's going to need more therapy," Andy Hoffman said.

Before Jack begins more chemotherapy, the family made the trip from Nebraska to cheer on Burkhead.

"He's one of my best friends," said Jack Hoffman.

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