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2015 Hits Endurance Omaha Marathon

2015 Hits Endurance Omaha Marathon

Sunday, September 20, 2015

At the 2015 Omaha Marathon, Team Jack will be running in loving memory of Nathan Waggoner.  Please take a look at our Remembering Nate... video.  Interviewed is his mother, Monica Waggoner.  

Remembering Nate...

Nate was such an active kid. He loved being outside, played many sports, and spent most of his free time fishing at the family cabin along the Missouri river.

On May 8th, 2008 everything changed. After complaining of "funny head pains", an MRI confirmed Nate had a Diffused Intrinsic Pontine Glioma.(DIPG)

This is a non-operative tumor in the brain stem. DIPG being a rare brain tumor, not many options were available. Nate started 6 weeks of radiation and also took a chemo pill. The tumor did shrink, relieving his symptoms. This lasted for about 5 months, then balance issue started to show up. On October 31, 2008 a port was put in and a new chemo was started. Periodic rounds of steroids were also given. The new chemo routine helped Nate live pretty much symptom free for the next 10 months. He even obtained his driver license on his 16th birthday.

Later that fall, symptoms returned and at an alarming pace. Nate was experiencing numbness in his feet and his speech started to slur. Without any other chemo options, the next step was a clinical trial in Chicago. Weekly commutes started for the clinical trial. This new treatment was no help and the tumor kept progressing. After 8 weeks the clinical trial was stopped. Nate passed away 5 weeks later, on March19th, 2010. He fought a long and hard battle for 22 months.

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After registering for the Omaha marathon, create your social fundraising page and begin fundraising!

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Fundraising Goals:
$250 - Team Jack Running Singlet/Shirt
$500 - Team Jack Running Singlet/Shirt plus FREE race reg.    

* Please note that you will have to pay your inital race registration fee. After you have reached your $500 goal, you will then e-mail your receipt to Team Jack so it can be reimbursed.  

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From the Mile to the Marathon, the 39th annual Omaha Marathon offers “a distance for everyone!” as you race through Nebraska’s most vibrant city!

Choose from:
• Friends and Family Mile
• 5K
• 10K
• Half Marathon
• Marathon

Every athlete will enjoy:

• NEW photo worthy finish inside TD Ameritrade Stadium!
• Flat, fast courses designed for your next PR
• Long-sleeve, gender specific tech tee
• Cityscape finisher medal - Half and Full medals have LED lights!
• Free pasta party