5 Reasons to Celebrate

5 Reasons to Celebrate

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Today we celebrate our 5th Anniversary as a registered 501(c)3 with heartfelt gratitude! The dedication of so many supporters, followers, volunteers, family members and many others have helped us make an impact on a terrible disease. THANK YOU for helping us make a difference for kids.

With so much to be thankful for, here's our Top 5:

1. Jack Hoffman's 69-yard touchdown run in the 2013 Nebraska Spring Game.

Former Husker Football Coach Bo Pelini and his team gave then seven-year old brain cancer fighter, Jack Hoffman, what they thought was an opportunity of a lifetime. Little did they know that this kind gesture would create an unbelievable ripple effect beyond nation-wide. The YouTube video of Jack’s touchdown run went viral with over 8 million views. This event gave us an amazing platform to spread national awareness for our cause and gain many supporters.

2. Creating a pediatric brain tumor program at UNMC’s Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center in Omaha, NE. Very soon this program will be impacting kids all over the Midwest.

In May 2015, the Nebraska State Legislature approved LB 110 to appropriate $1.5 million into the state budget, to be matched by Team Jack for a total investment of $3 million over six years to develop a pediatric brain tumor program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center. Andy Hoffman played an integral role in getting this bill passed by lobbying the legislature in favor of the bill. “On behalf of the Team Jack Foundation and all the children and families affected by this disease, I am proud to announce that we are ready to stand side-by-side with our State’s great Legislative Body, and provide matching funds for this project. We are not only humbled by this opportunity, but are honored that the great State of Nebraska has agreed to take a stand with us against this disease,” said Andrew Hoffman, Team Jack Foundation Board Chair. With the creation of this pediatric brain tumor program, children affected by brain cancer in the Midwest will no longer have to travel across the country to receive the best treatment possible.

3. Team Jack Foundation Board Chair Wins the NASCAR Foundation’s 2016 Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award

In September 2016, among four very deserving nominees, the volunteer Team Jack Foundation Board Chair & CEO, Andy Hoffman, was announced as the award winner for his tireless efforts in bringing pediatric brain cancer to the national forefront. This exposure for the disease was widespread and so very important. As a result, the Team Jack Foundation was awarded $100,000 to commit to research. Beyond the $100,000 donation from The NASCAR Foundation, the amount of awareness created by for pediatric brain cancer was immeasurable.

4. Raising over $4 million for pediatric brain cancer research and funding six projects nationwide.

The mission of the Team Jack Foundation is to raise money to fund impactful pediatric brain cancer research and work to create national awareness for the disease. Our fundraising efforts began prior to receiving our 501(c)3 status with the sale of a t-shirt. Co-Founders, Andy & Brianna Hoffman, took a risk by personally borrowing $25,000 to fund the first t-shirt project and driving all over Nebraska to deliver them to be sold. This risk returned great reward thanks in large part to the great state of Nebraska! Over 20,000 t-shirts were sold, and the first research project was funded at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School. With the help of a seven-member Scientific Advisory Board, five other projects have been funded by the Team Jack Foundation. For more information regarding the projects funded by Team Jack, visit www.teamjackfoundation.org/research/funding-research.

5. Being highly fueled by volunteers and in-kind supporters, with only two paid employees.

Each year we have over 300 volunteers give of their time and talents to help us with our mission. We pride ourselves in keeping our operating expenses low so nearly $0.90 of every dollar donated goes to research. With less than 4% of federal funding going toward childhood cancer research and even less specifically to child brain cancer research private foundations like Team Jack are left to carry the torch. Our CEO is a volunteer and we have only one full-time employee and one-part time employee. This fight has nothing to do with the people behind the foundation, but everything to do with the kids fighting for their lives both now and in the future.

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