5 Reasons to Get Involved with the Team Jack Foundation

5 Reasons to Get Involved with the Team Jack Foundation

Friday, June 3, 2016

We have seen firsthand how eager pediatric brain tumor families have been to get involved.  We have seen single families raise thousands of dollars and communities of individuals come together to raise millions.  At the same time, we have seen rare disease families thanking their non-profit organizations for giving them a chance to “Get Involved”. 

Below are five reasons to get involved with the Team Jack Foundation, apply these, set an example and show others why they should get involved too.

5 Reasons to Get Involved with the Team Jack Foundation

1.  Save a life.  Each year approximately 4,600 children are diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Your involvement with the Foundation can play a vital role in making a difference in one, if not many, of these 4,600 lives.  By raising funds you could help fund a clinical trial.  To a child, a clinical trial could lead to a longer life.  Funding a clinical trial brings new drugs and medical devices into the market. Without these drugs and devices, these children might not live to see their next birthday.  Currently, the first line of treatment for a child with a brain tumor is 30 years old.  If a child is lucky enough to survive the disease, they will likely suffer harsh side effects from the treatments.  The Team Jack Foundation is currently funding projects that will result in kinder, more gentle treatment for these children. The research being done within these trials needs to be a priority and funded.  Your time, money, and support are the backbone of the Team Jack Foundation.  Be the reason 100% of children survive this disease instead of watching 30% of children lose their life to it.  Take a look at the life-saving projects the Foundation has invested in:  Team Jack Funded Research

2.  It’s a good time.  Getting involved is not all hard work. In fact, if you are doing it right it should be fun.  Whether it’s handing out water at the end of the race, preparing a bulk mailer or being behind the scenes of a half a million dollar event, the people you are surrounding yourself ‘get it.’  The emotional ups and downs of dealing with a rare disease are exhausting, but the time spent with people in your community is fulfilling.  You also have an opportunity to do what you love.  If you love golf, then why not host a golf tournament for the Team Jack Foundation.  Just recently we started a Color Out Cancer 5k running series.  These events are coordinated by the Foundation, in conjunction with different families and friends that want to help raise funds and spread awareness in the most colorful way! 

3.  Do it for a purpose.  Every single one of us has needed a boost, has felt broken down. By getting involved with The Team Jack Foundation, you can take back your sense of control.  You realize CAN make a difference in an outcome. You have the ability to turn your involvement into something BIG in the eyes of children as well as their families.  The Team Jack Foundation attributes much of their success because of volunteers.  We have a list of volunteers that take pride in each event they are involved with.  For example, each year our Team Jack Foundation Gala Committee is made up of individuals who work down to the wire to make this our most prestige event. Their OWN ideas, creativity and energy are helping make a difference in the lives of children diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer.  You can be part of this. Part of something bigger.

4.  Lead by example.  Whether it is our children, our family or our friends, getting involved is the best way to set an example for your loved ones.  At any given time, it could be you getting hit in this face with a rare disease, i.e. pediatric brain cancer.  The Team Jack Foundation has witnessed this first hand with people of all ages.  One specific example was set by a very energetic and generous family involved with our Gala.  Elivia (pictured on left) is a very caring, thoughtful, independent little girl who knows how to make a difference.  At a very young age, Elivia stepped up and sponsored a brain tumor child at our annual Team Jack Foundation Gala the last two years.  Lamya, a brain tumor survivor, has been lucky enough to have Elivia’s support at the event and post-event. Elivia has followed in her father’s footsteps which just comes to show that doing ‘good’ allows ‘good’ to multiply.  

5.  Make a meaningful friend.  The paths you cross when involved with the Team Jack Foundation will never be forgotten and normally continue to reoccur.  We are proud to welcome any child, family, friend, neighbor, or community into the Team Jack Family as we know that this will become a lifelong friendship molded together with strength, support, and one goal – finding a cure.

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