The 6th Annual Team Jack Gala

The 6th Annual Team Jack Gala

Saturday, February 23, 2019

by Pierce Georlett - KLKN-TV

Some Husker greats from all around the NFL and come came out to raise awareness for pediatric brain cancer.

At the Embassy Suites in downtown Lincoln, it was the 6th annual Team Jack Gala. For the former Huskers who have been a part of this foundation from the start, it's great to see this event grow throughout the years and gain recognition throughout the NFL.

"I've played on five different NFL teams and I mention Team Jack and someone's like 'oh yea that's with that kid that ran in the spring game' like so it's turned into a nation wide thing that I know there's guys that I play with now in Buffalo, I play with in Carolina, Minnesota they all know part of it and just watching it grow watching the awareness for this terrible disease continue to grow is one of the coolest things,” Jeremiah Sirles former Husker said.

At the Team Jack Gala, there was a silent auction that featured autographed memorabilia from former Huskers and even some NFL Hall of Farmers. With all of the donations going toward the Team Jack foundation in an effort to reach their six million dollar goal. 

"The dollars that are utilized tonight are very real dollars that are going to be put to use put to very good use in terms of funding research for child brain cancer and so it's important for so many reason not just awareness but also actually raising money that's going to be used in the direct fight against pediatric brain cancer which is the leading childhood cancer cause of death in this country,” Andy Hoffman Jack Hoffman’s Father said.

For former Huskers coming back to see Jack Hoffman and other kids fighting cancer is truly inspirational.

While the foundations goal is to raise money and awareness, they say their ultimate goal to beat pediatric brain cancer.

"I hope someday we put it out of business and we can put it out of business when we find a cure for pediatric brain cancer. I don't want Team jack to be in business forever. I want it to be in business long enough to find a cure for the leading childhood cancer cause of death,” Hoffman said.

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