All Hands on Deck

All Hands on Deck

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Through working collaboratively with families impacted by pediatric brain tumors, Team Jack’s involvement in the pediatric brain cancer fight is causing a worldwide ripple effect. Team Jack squeezes as much impact out of every dollar raised as possible. For this reason, we, at the Team Jack Foundation rely heavily on volunteers. Whether it be directing traffic at a color run, setting up auction items at the annual Gala, or stuffing envelopes of a direct mailer, each and every volunteer is appreciated greatly.

The reasons why people are involved with Team Jack vary tremendously. Some, may have a child that has fought, or is currently fighting this terrible disease. Others, however, would like to give back to a cause they support. What better way than to help fund research for pediatric brain cancer.  

Gaylene, from Atkinson Nebraska, met the Hoffman family through their church. After Gaylene broke her hip, the Hoffmans prayed for her, brought food to her home, and made her get well cards.

“Volunteering is a way that I can pay back for the kindness shown during this difficult time. I love volunteering with Team Jack because I know we are helping find a cure for God’s children suffering from pediatric brain cancer.”

As soon as Margorie heard about Team Jack, she wanted to be involved. Margorie, also a resident from Atkinson Nebraska, met the Hoffman family when they first moved to Atkinson. She enjoys helping others and does whatever she can for all areas of the community.

When asked what she would tell someone considering getting involved with Team Jack, she responded, “The rewards are many in all areas of Volunteering, many times we won't witness or know always of the positives, just doing for others is a reward to me.”

Monica from Elkhorn, is involved with Team Jack for a set of different reasons.

“My favorite part of volunteering is seeing the difference we are making. I lost my son Nate at the age 17, to pediatric brain cancer, and I feel this is just one way to honor his memory. Meeting all the other cancer families and the relationships that we have developed has been an added bonus.”

Monica met Andy Hoffman in the fall of 2011 in Lincoln at a Husker game. The next January, in 2012, she held her son’s memorial fundraiser and donated the proceeds to Team Jack. She and Team Jack have been working together to raise funds for pediatric brain cancer ever since. Monica organizes one event in particular, ‘Neon Night for Nate’, an annual bowling event, which is approaching on February 11, 2017.

“I would tell any person considering to volunteering with Team Jack that it has many rewards. I can't explain how good it feels at the end of an event, to see what has been accomplished. Everybody is working for the same goal and together you will see the difference it is making, Monica said.”

The reasons to be involved with Team Jack vary significantly for each person. However, one thing remains the same. Fighting this disease calls for all hands on deck. Learn how to get involved or donate today by visiting: Team up with us to find a cure!

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