Birthday Girl, Olive, Asks for Donations Instead of Presents

Birthday Girl, Olive, Asks for Donations Instead of Presents

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

For young children, one of the best parts of their birthday is being showered with gifts, but for Olive, she didn't ask for any presents.  She asked for donations to Team Jack for her birthday.

Olive Quam, native of Louisville, NE, turned seven years old on October 11.  She had a cowgirl-themed birthday party this year and invited her entire first grade class. A highlight of the party was taking turns riding the Quam families' two horses, Oscar and Felix as no cowgirl-themed party would be complete without horse rides!  When Olive's parents, Erik & Sara, asked her what she wanted for her birthday this year, she really didn't have any ideas, instead she came up with the idea of making a donation to a charity.  Olive was inspired to do so as her big sister, Matilda, just a short time prior, helped raise money to help pay for new playground equipment at her school.

It didn't take Olive long to decide what charity and cause she wanted to support.  She immediately decided the charity should be Team Jack, because she knows how important the Foundation is to her Godparents, Mark and Karen Carson, Founders of Fat Brain Toys and longtime supporters of the Team Jack Foundation.

In addition, the Quam family has been affected by cancer themselves. Ten years ago, Olive's grandfather, who she never met, but is often told about, Beeba, lost his battle to brain cancer.

"I think the money I raise should help kids fight the cancer that made Beeba sick,"  Olive said.

Olive set a goal of raising $250 for Team Jack during her birthday and recently confirmed that she met that goal, raising $255 for child brain cancer research.

"Having a little girl myself, I understand the excitement of a birthday and receiving gifts.  We certainly appreciate Olive's generosity and selflessness during her birthday this year.  She is truly making a difference and at just seven years old, is an inspiration to many," said Kylie Dockter, Executive Director.

Inspired by Olive's story?  Make a difference with your birthday by asking for donations to help Team Jack fund pediatric brain cancer research.  Click here to learn more.

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