Brain Tumor Quick Facts

Brain Tumor Quick Facts

  • #1 cancer cause of death of children in the United States

  • Approximately 4,600 children are diagnosed annually

  • Nearly 30% of all children diagnosed with a brain tumor will die

  • Many survivors are left with life-long deficits from side effects of harsh treatments

  • First line chemotherapy for the most common form of pediatric brain cancer has remained unchanged for 30 years

  • Less than 4 percent of the National Cancer Institute's research investments are spent on childhood cancer

  • 13 children are diagnosed with a brain tumor daily

  • Over 100 types of pediatric brain tumors, which complicates treatment options

  • Pediatric brain cancer accounts for 23% of all pediatric cancers in the United States

Many experts believe that the information we gain from a cure to pediatric brain cancer may provide us critical advances in other forms of cancer, both adult and pediatric. -The Cure Starts Now Medical Advisors