Dancing for a Cure

Dancing for a Cure

Monday, January 28, 2019

In the Fall of 2018, Team Jack was contacted by the Chambers family from Bennet, NE.  Their daughter, Bettie Jo, had recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Though the symptoms were relatively mild and the tumor type unknown, the fright that this brought to their family was unexplainable.

When the Foundation learns of a child being newly diagnosed a care package is typically sent to the child containing an encouraging note, a t-shirt and a wristband. Little did Team Jack know what kind of impact this would have on Bettie Jo. She instantly put her own fears aside and had the idea to put together a fundraiser for pediatric brain cancer.

According to Bettie Jo’s mother, Lillie Chambers, “a few days after we told Bettie she had a brain tumor a package from Team Jack showed up at the house.  It had some bracelets and a t-shirt in it for Bettie.  My husband and I explained what the Team Jack Foundation was and showed her the video of Jack making the touchdown.  She was really touched by the generosity of the foundation and what it stood for.  She asked if we could send a thank you note and I said of course!  Then she came back and said can we do something bigger than a note?  That’s when the Dance Party was brought to life.”

Bettie Jo and her family got busy and organized a Disney-Themed Dance Party. The event was held on December 7th at the Izaac Walton, a reception hall, in Bennet, Nebraska. “The Izaac Walton was so flexible with us and helped us provide a large enough facility to host the dance for free,” said Lillie. She also noted that Midwest Wall & Landscape and Mapel Creek Photography helped the event come together as well. In addition, the DJ and all the people that donated, whether it was their time, talent or treasure, helped make the event a great success. Adorned Bridal helped every princess feel special by treating each girl to complimentary jewelry!

Everyone had a great time at the event and helped raise significant funds for pediatric brain cancer research. Bettie thought they might raise a couple hundred dollars for Team Jack. She was quite shocked when her parents told her the next morning that the total amount raised was $6,700! Thanks to the generosity of others and the initiative of the Chambers’ family to take the problem head-on, even the simplest ideas can turn into something big! In the months following Bettie's event the donations being made in her honor continued to be received by the Team Jack Foundation. At the 2019 Team Jack Gala in Lincoln, Nebraska, Bettie presented a check to the Foundation for $9,481.01.

Of Team Jack reaching out to Bettie after her diagnosis, Lillie said, “The Team Jack Foundation provided more than material things to Bettie that day.  They provided a sense of comfort, acceptance and a sense of we got your back not only for her, but for us as a family.”

The Team Jack Foundation is so grateful to Bettie and her family for putting together this fun evening to raise funds for research. A special thank you to all that donated, attended and helped Bettie make an impact on the leading childhood cancer cause of death.

In early January, Bettie met with doctors in Omaha regarding her tumor. There was no significant growth and her tumor seems to be benign, which was wonderful news! In February, Bettie Jo and her family will present the Team Jack Foundation with a check from the funds collected at their fundraiser. If you or your organization is interested in a throwing a fundraiser to support pediatric brain cancer research, click here. No idea or amount raised is too small, every dollar counts.

Check out Bettie's Team Jack Hero Page here.

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