Driven to Give with Hastings Ford Lincoln

Driven to Give with Hastings Ford Lincoln

Monday, November 21, 2016

On October 29, families in south central Nebraska took it upon themselves to help raise funds for pediatric brain cancer research and the Team Jack Foundation.

Tammy Herringer, whose son Nick was diagnosed with cancer in at the age of 14 years, wanted to do something special for not only Team Jack, but for the families and community around her.  When thinking about fundraising ideas, she knew just where to start.

In April 2015, after his diagnosis, Nick received the news that Make-A-Wish Foundation was making his dream possible: he was going to get the car of his dreams. Make-A-Wish provided for the custom work. When the Herringers learned of the gift, they bought the car themselves through a friend who works at Hastings Ford.

“Our friends at Hastings Ford always treat Nick really great.  They are some of the best people we have ever met,” said Tammy Herringer.

Herringer met with manager, Adam Primm, to discuss her idea to raise funds for child brain cancer right in their hometown, Hastings, Nebraska.  Primm and his team at Hastings Ford were on board and ready to help.

“That I know of, we have eight children in south central Nebraska that have been affected by this disease.  We recently lost of those children.  This disease must be a priority and we want to do whatever we can to make sure it is,” said Herringer.

On October 29, in Hastings, Lincoln Motor Company along with Hastings Ford Lincoln held a ‘Driven to Give’ event. During this event, the community was invited to come to Hastings Ford and test drive a vehicle.  For every test drive, Lincoln Motor Company donated $20 to the Team Jack Foundation.  For the first 100 drivers, the donation doubled and, due to generous community businesses, individuals received a gift card and gift bag.  Total, the event raise over $6,500 in just one day.

“Our company's primary goal is 'To be so effective, that we're able to be helpful to others.' We say it every morning, and before every meeting. The Team Jack Foundation is the perfect real-life example of what those words mean. We're fortunate enough to have great relationships with many of the local families and children that are a part of Team Jack, and they do so many amazing things to help others, we just wouldn't be living up to those words if we couldn't find a way to help,” said Adam Primm, Business Manager Hastings Ford Lincoln.

A special thank you to Adam Primm and our friends at Hastings Ford, Lincoln Motor Company and all those in the community who participated in the event, by donating dollars, a gift card, or their time—together, we are making a difference.

Also, thank you to the Herringer Family who took the time to organize and plan the event.  Lastly, a special thank you to the Team Jack Families who attended the event to help raise funds.

After the event, we were saddened to hear that after a routine follow up scan, Nick’s brain cancer has returned.  Nick will have a biopsy to determine the course of treatment which will take place at St. Jude’s.  Although we are uncertain of next steps, we do know one thing:   Nick and his family are fighters who won’t be beat by this horrific disease.

From all of us at Team Jack:  Stay strong Nick, many thoughts and prayers to you!


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