Jack Hoffman kicks off dealership's massive test drive in fundraiser for pediatric brain cancer research

Jack Hoffman kicks off dealership's massive test drive in fundraiser for pediatric brain cancer research

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The caravan stretched nearly 30 cars long as it headed south on 27th Street, an unusual amount of traffic for a quiet Sunday morning.

And at the head of the pack with his parents and two sisters was Jack Hoffman, the 12-year-old brain cancer survivor from Atkinson who inspired the Team Jack Foundation and endeared Husker fans with his touchdown run at the 2013 Spring Game.

The Hoffmans wheeled a black Toyota Highlander, helping Baxter Toyota move about 500 cars in a fundraising effort on Sunday for pediatric brain cancer research.

Volunteers and Baxter employees moved Toyotas down 27th Street throughout the day, leaving the dealership's former location at 6320 Telluride Drive, near Interstate 80, and heading to its new home on Yankee Hill Road.

The new dealership opens Monday.

Baxter donated $10 for each car driven by volunteers and presented the foundation with a check for $5,000 on Sunday.

"A number of customers just approached us and wanted to help in any way they could, so we decided to tie to the two together," said Tom Ballard, managing partner at Baxter Toyota.

The Team Jack Foundation, based in Atkinson, started in 2013, two years after Andy and Briana Hoffman's son Jack was diagnosed with brain cancer following a seizure.

After he was diagnosed, Jack underwent two surgeries that removed 95 percent of the tumor. 

The cancer, however, continued to spread following surgery, requiring two rounds of chemotherapy.

But it's been two years since Jack has had to undergo chemotherapy, said Andy Hoffman on Sunday. 

"Which is a tremendous blessing," he added.

Jack continues to struggle with epileptic seizures caused by a residual tumor in his brain, Hoffman said. 

But Hoffman said his son, now a sixth-grader, is continuing to grow up like other children.

"So many kids aren't doing as well as he is," Andy Hoffman said. 

After the first round of cars arrived at the new dealership Sunday, volunteers were greeted with breakfast. 

Those who were shuttled back to the old location in school buses continued to transport cars until around 4 p.m., when all the cars were finally moved.

Jeanette and Bill Moser, who had recently purchased a new car from the dealership, were just a few of the dozens of volunteers who came out to help.

"It's kind of nice that someone is looking out and putting an effort to raise some money for these kids," said Bill Moser.

Andy Hoffman said he appreciates the community for coming out to raise money.

"This is just another example of how generous the entire community of Lincoln is and the greater state of Nebraska," he said.

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