Kallie never, ever gave up.

Kallie never, ever gave up.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Kallie Brovold is a bubbly, outgoing little girl that brings a sense of happiness into a room when she walks in. Her smile is contagious and her heart is full of love.  It’s almost impossible to comprehend what sweet Kallie has been through the last few years of her life because of her personality she carries around with her. 

Just before Kallie turned five, her family were less concerned about birthday parties, and more concerned about what was wrong with their loving daughter. 

In June of 2013 they arrived at the hospital, meeting with almost 10-15 doctors all stemming from different teams – neurology, oncology, neurosurgery and teaching services.  What was causing her seizures?  No one had answers. There seemed to be a sense of urgency when they first arrived, but Kallie’s bright personality helped ease the stress along the way. 

Her 3T MRI was scheduled for the next day.

The results came back – Kallie’s tumor was the size of an egg, which was actually below average in size for a brain tumor.  After many long meetings with the doctor, a decision had been made.  Surgery was the next best step for Kallie and her diagnosis.  Kallie was able to have a specific type of surgery called intraoperative magnetic resonance image-guided neurosurgery with the same 3T MRI machine she had used earlier. 

July 9th was surgery day.

To keep Kallie comfortable and seizure free until this day, they kept her on Keppra and continued to have EEG’s to figure out what was pinpointing the seizures. No one had an answer at that point until June 30.  Their doctor found a direct correlation with the brain tumor and the seizures.  Her medication was increased.  They were free to go home for a few short days before surgery day. 

As the seizures continued still at home, they were glad to be in the comfort of their own home patiently waiting for the surgery process to begin. 

Bright and early on July 9th the surgery began.  After a long impatient wait, the results had come back.  The surgeon was able to remove nearly 90% of the tumor.  Even though this was great news, they still were unsure what type of tumor Kallie had residing in her brain for so long. 

A long four days later, results had been returned.  Kallie had a Grade III anaplastic astrocytoma brain tumor, a very rare yet aggressive tumor.  The doctor needed to remove more to ensure Kallie could eventually be cancer free. 

Over the course of time, many meetings had been scheduled with different doctors as they tried to find the best option for sweet Kallie.  Eventually they found the best solution.  Kallie’s second surgery was finally scheduled for September 4th.

Kallie continued to ask questions like any four, almost five-year-old would do.  “Why do they need to take more out?”

“As a parent you being to ask questions yourself as well..if she will make it out ok, if the surgeon will get the entire tumor out, if the tumor has grown,” said Jessica Brovold, Kallie’s mom.

The second surgery day was finally here and the wait seemed just as long.  The doctor had resected Kallie’s entire brain tumor.  The EEG came back and Kallie was seizure free! Rehab would be starting soon to get Kallie back to her normal silly, bouncing around self.  Learning how to walk, talk, eat, and be a kid again was not a fast process.  What would be the next step for her though?

Proton beam radiation. For the next 30 days, Kallie would undergo proton beam radiation as well as continue her rehab. Each week got better.  Each week showed improvements.  Their sweet little girl was finally starting to become her normal self.  Finally, after three months of finding their normalcy in a hospital, it was time to go HOME.

As Kallie had made so many improvements while being away from home, she still continued to do physical therapy.  She had started talking, walking, and being a kid again, but there were still leaps and bounds she had to make.

On January 9, 2014 they were told their sweet girl was cancer free.  She could finally get her port taken out.  Their family could sleep peacefully knowing their little girl was heading in the right direction. New types of therapy were implemented to increase her mobility, vision and hearing.  Casts, glasses, braces, new types of therapy – Kallie has experienced it all.  

Just nearly two years after her last surgery, Kallie still continues to improve.  She has made leaps and bounds from where it all began.  Through all of her ups and downs she still walks into a room and spreads happiness and joy on everyone around her.  Kallie’s a true fighter that never, ever gave up. 

To learn more about Kallie please visit www.caringbridge.org/visit/kalliebrovold or visit her Facebook page, www.facebook.com/TeamKallieBrovold

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