Mother of Mason Schultz Creates HOPE Awareness Pin to Raise Funds for Team Jack

Mother of Mason Schultz Creates HOPE Awareness Pin to Raise Funds for Team Jack

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Mason Schultz was a vibrant, kind spirit who was just in fifth grade when he and his family learned he had a brain tumor.  He loved playing sports, especially baseball, soccer, and golf, and was proud to be #26 on both the Millard Blue Bombers baseball team and the OFC Cobras soccer team. Mason passed away from a brain tumor on April 23, 2014 at the age of 12.  Since then, Mason's family continues to honor his memory by raising funds and awareness for child brain cancer.

"We want to take every opportunity, and waste no time, in trying to save other kids from the pain and suffering our Mason endured," said Nancy, Mason's mother.

Just recently, Nancy launched the "Hope 2019 Pediatric Brain Cancer Awareness Pin" where 100% of proceeds benefit the Team Jack Foundation.

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"To keep Mason's kind, helpful spirit alive and working, we call this small but determined movement "Mason on a Mission". We are so thankful for everyone who has prayed, helped, donated and supported our efforts to help others in the name of love, kindness and friendship. Most importantly, we give all thanks and glory to God for his grace, mercy, healing and provision," Nancy stated.

The front of the pin features a dove which represents the Holy Spirit and the HOPE he so lovingly and compassionately provides. The gray and gold ribbon represent brain cancer (gray) and childhood cancer (gold). The back says "M.O.M. 2019," which stands for Mason on a Mission.

This sale is in memory of Mason, who died of glioblastoma in 2014.

"No child, family or friend should have to endure such pain and sadness, so we dedicate the proceeds to each person who has been affected by this terrible disease.  The fact is, if we could have saved Mason with love alone, he would be here today.  If we could prevent terrible illness with hugs, there would be no sickness.  But we CANNOT.  It takes research, which takes MONEY, to help these kids.  As much as Scott, Reid, I, and every other parent who has to see their child sick, hurt, suffering, and sometimes dying, wish it to be so, love cannot save these kids. It's heartbreaking, but true.  Unfortunately, it's money that gets us closer to helping fight pediatric brain cancer."

Help Mason's family and Team Jack in the fight against child brain cancer by purchasing your HOPE Awareness pin today!

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