Meet Maddie

Meet Maddie

Friday, September 2, 2016

In early May 2013, Maddie Hellwig, now 16 years old, began complaining of headaches.  Her dad, Craig, never thought it could be a brain tumor.  His wife, Susan, had brain surgery in January that year that pinpointed her epilepsy, so Craig started closely observing his daughters symptoms.  Maddie then began to see things that weren’t there. Craig and Susan took Maddie to the doctor at the encouragement of her school nurse. The doctor ordered a MRI on the day after Memorial Day in 2013. They received the dreaded call the next day, the one thing they prayed it wasn’t. They had found an epedyoma brain tumor which was located by her optic nerve. This is a tumor of the central nervous system.  Two days later, like her mom, Maddie too had brain surgery.  Fatefully, after surgery she was released that Sunday, which still amazes the family.

“We consider ourselves very fortunate that we caught the tumor early, and it was still encapsulated. Thankfully we avoided chemo and radiation because they got all 100 percent of the tumor. Since then all of her MRI’s have been clean with no regrowth of any more tumors,” said Craig Hellwig.

Recently, Maddie celebrated her 16th birthday and got her driver’s license. On August 11th, Maddie had her annual MRI which came back clean. Maddie and her family are still heavily involved in the Team Jack Foundation and are dedicated to finding a cure.

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