For The Next Dad...

For The Next Dad...

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fishing. Playing catch. Grilling out. Roasting s'mores. These are the things that fathers do with their kids on the day that is dedicated to them--Father's Day. Unfortunately, for some dads, this day has very little to do with setting aside the "honey do list" and spoiling himself to a cold beer. It is a sad day of remembering what might have been, could have been, should have been. I am dedicating my Father's Day this year to those guys.

With Father's Day just around the corner, I find myself thinking about those approximately 900 dad's who lost their son or daughter to child brain cancer in this past year. And those dad's who lost a child the year before that. And its not just brain cancer. When considering all forms of childhood cancer, more than 3,000 dads experienced the painful loss of a child between the last Father's Day, and this one. Too damn many.

Enough is enough. No more anguishing Father's Days. Three years ago this summer, the Team Jack movement began with an idea to raise $100,000 by the end of the 2012 football season--Rex Burkhead's senior year. Today, with already $2.6 million committed to pediatric brain cancer research and program development, we are on the brink of something special.

But there is still so much work to be done in the fight against the leading childhood cancer cause of death. Our work, which has produced measurable and quantifiable results, cannot continue without the support of people just like you. We need you. Fathers everywhere need you. 

Ten years from now, some father, somewhere in this great country, will be enjoying a Father's Day with his son or daughter--because of you.

I am asking you for your help. Give the next dad the Father's Day he deserves. This Father's Day, some dads will be visiting their child's grave. That sickens me. This Father's Day, I am asking you to please consider making a tax deductible $100 donation in honor of those dads.

No gimmicks. Just a straight donation to be spent on clinical trials, laboratory research, neurosurgical innovation, or the development of a Nebraska brain tumor program. Then, in ten years, fathers who wouldn't have had a joyful Father's Day will be celebrating with their children because of you.

Happy Father's Day.

Andrew J. Hoffman
Founder & President, Team Jack Foundation, Inc. 

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