Omaha Marathon Draws Thousands of Runners

Run With Team Jack: Omaha Marathon Draws Thousands of Runners

Omaha Marathon Draws Thousands of Runners

Sunday, September 21, 2014

They cover ground at a grueling pace. A 26 mile trek through Omaha on foot.

"Runners to me are very inspiring. Every year in this country, runners raise millions of dollars for cancer research."

Thousands of people pounded pavement downtown at this year's 39th Annual Omaha Marathon. They run for fun, for the sport or maybe just to make a difference. Andy Hoffman ran for his son Jack.

"To me Jack is a walking, living, breathing example of why pediatric cancer research is so critically important."
The race's charity partner this year is the Team Jack Foundation.
"It just means so much to the cause. To be able to showcase the foundation and showcase the disease."
The Team Jack Foundation supports pediatric brain cancer research. Eight year old Jack Hoffman stole our hearts last year when he ran for a touchdown at Memorial Stadium during the Husker's spring game.
He's still in a tough battle against brain cancer.
"We go back in, you know mid to late October and we'll get an MRI done and at that point in time we'll know how he's doing."
Jack is participating in a clinical trial in Boston. Andy says his son is doing better every day. He's humbled to know so many support his family.
"People like to talk about Jack's clinical trial and what he's all going through and I think the fact that he's in a clinical trial to me highlights why what we're doing is so important."