Prayers for Nick

Prayers for Nick

Friday, December 16, 2016

Nick Herringer is a Junior at Hastings High and part of our Team Jack Family. Nick is a dedicated Husker fan and attended the 2013 Husker Spring game where Jack made the famous 69-yard touchdown run, not knowing one day he too would be diagnosed with a brain tumor.

In January 2015, Nick, who was then a freshman at Hastings High School, started complaining about severe headaches and extreme fatigue. Nick was diagnosed with migraine headaches, and put on a steroid to help with the painful headaches and the rash that developed on the left side of his face. Once Nick had finished taking the steroid, his symptoms would return almost instantly.

In late January, Nick started throwing up nonstop for hours, and went to Mary Lanning Hospital for blood tests and returned home with nausea pills and pain meds. Nick’s condition worsened and he returned to the ER. After a CT scan, the ER doctor told the Herringers that there was a mass on Nick’s brain the size of an orange and sent him by ambulance to UNMC in Omaha.

In February 2015, Nick had surgery to remove the tumor and endured weeks of radiation and chemotherapy, finishing his treatment in April 2016. Now, just months later, Nick and his family have learned that his tumor is back.

Nick had a follow up scan at Children's Hospital in Omaha 4 weeks ago and his doctor was happy to report that this new scan was stable. According to Nick’s doctor, he is not presenting as someone who has recurrent GBM and wants to do a biopsy to learn more.

Nick had his second craniotomy on December 12, 2016 at Children's Hospital. This surgery, which was more aggressive, went well. Nick is doing great with all the neurological tests, as he and his family await pathology results.

“We just keep praying that it is not tumor regrowth. As usual, Nick remains as ornery as ever!! Thank you all for your continued prayers.” 

The Herringers are currently evaluating treatment options in the meantime and are looking into clinical trials that Nick may qualify for.

Nick is an amazing young man who is wise beyond his years.  From all of us at Team Jack:  Stay strong Nick, many thoughts and prayers to you!

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