Team Jack Meets Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

Team Jack Meets Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The one thing about traveling halfway across the country for medical treatment, is that you sometimes have the opportunity to meet some interesting people in the airport. A few years ago, we met former Vice-Presidential Candidate Joe Lieberman. During that visit, we informed him about the need for more funding for childhood cancer research.

Today, another opportunity to spread national awareness about the need for childhood cancer research crossed right in front of our paths. Literally. While in the checkout line for a diet coke and a cookie (DC for dad, cookie for Jack), I looked over and there was Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. I immediately sat my things down, and walked over to Governor Jindal and introduced myself. Soon thereafter, I asked him if he was running for President.

"I'm sure thinking about it. I haven't made up my mind completely yet," he kindly replied.

Jack was sitting about 50 feet away, at our terminal, playing iPod and trying not to be too bored. I asked Governor Jindal if I could introduce him to my son Jack. Governor Jindal obliged my request. On the walk over I shared with him, a little about Jack and about the Team Jack Foundation and our quest to fight child brain cancer. He was deeply interested in the project.

When I introduced Jack to Governor Jindal, he then started asking Jack questions about the Run. Jack gave him an extra Team Jack wristband, and Governor Jindal quickly threw it on. We then took the below photo.

After taking the photo, Governor Jindal and I had a few minutes to talk about a real crisis in America: the nearly complete lack of funding for childhood cancer research by the Federal Government. I point blank asked him: "Governor Jindal, if you run for president, please help us make the lack of childhood cancer research funding by the Federal Government a debate topic in the 2016 presidential election." His chief of staff then handed me his business card.

I then shared with him a message from all of our Nebraska childhood cancer families and social media cancer families:

  • That less than 4% of the money spent by the Federal government on cancer research, is spent on pediatric cancer research.
  • That kids like Jack have to travel all across the country in the middle of the winter--during blizzards--to participate in life saving clinical trials, all because of the lack of funding to place these trials closer to home
  • That only ONE childhood cancer medication has been approved by the FDA in the last 25 years.

Governor Jindal is a nice person. Whether you agree, or disagree with his political position, he listened. While we are encouraged by the visit, we are not disillusioned. It takes visits like this, all across the country, repeatedly.

Team Jack Foundation does not endorse political parties or candidates. We endorse more childhood cancer research funding, regardless of the source.

We are thankful for everyone's support. We have an amazing State and Country, and are so thankful to be able to pursue helping find a cure for the leading childhood cancer cause of death.

-- By Andy Hoffman

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