Team Jack Partners with Huskers to Fight Cancer

Team Jack Partners with Huskers to Fight Cancer

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Posted: Feb 25, 2017 10:24 PM CSTUpdated: Feb 25, 2017 10:24 PM CST | By Kelsey Murphy

You might remember him as the youngest Husker to score a touch down inside Memorial Stadium.

Fast forward a few years; Jack Hoffman is changing the future of pediatric cancer.

His Team Jack Foundation hosts an annual gala to raise money for the fight.

"Thank you for coming," Jack Hoffman, fighting brain cancer, said.

Hoffman was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2011. Husker football inspired his fight.

Former Huskers sat down for a press conference Saturday afternoon.

This time, they didn't talk plays, touchdowns, or strategy; it was all about Jack, and the difference a little boy made on big athletes.

"It gave me a different perspective,” Rex Burkhead, former Husker, said. Just realizing that his life, what he is going though and what he's been through is so much more complicated compared to what I am going through, if it is a two a day or a training camp.”

"All the stress of the NFL and the stress of your life kind of pales in comparison to what these kids are going through and what these families are going though," Spencer Long, former Husker, said.

Ameer Abdulla, Former Husker running back and current Detroit Lion, looks at the game as more then a sport, but a platform for charity.

“People love football, but you should also love people, and helping other people. Ameer Abdulla, said. “So, if you can combine those two interests in one, it just really showed me the platform that Rex had and that it's bigger than we even realized.

The Team Jack Foundation partnered with Curesearch for children's cancer, a national non–profit foundation which funds children's cancer research.

They work so that the real MVP’S, the children battling cancer, have their chance to take home a big win against cancer.

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