We laugh. We share. We fight. We are family. We are the Team Jack Family.

We laugh. We share. We fight. We are family. We are the Team Jack Family.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

At the Team Jack Foundation our mission is not only to fund research for pediatric brain cancer research, but we have become a resource of support and information for families that have received a diagnosis. We hold several events every year that are solely for these families to get together and simply just be together. These families can relate to one another and share a special bond even though they come from all parts of the Midwest.

In July, the families met along the Platte River to enjoy a day of airboat rides, swimming, grilling, and just spending time together.

 “We as Team Jack families have been brought together because of some very tough circumstances. Being able to come together because of some very kindhearted people, in a very beautiful place, was just another way that God showed up to create beauty in our tough situations. My family is forever grateful to Justin Herring, Timothy Bryson, and all the other air boaters who helped with this wonderful day!” said Tammy Herringer, mother of brain tumor fighter, Nick.

Another annual event where the families meet up is the Uplifting Athletes Road Race. Here participants, including many of our Team Jack Family members, can meet and greet Husker players and raise much-needed awareness for pediatric brain cancer.

The Uplifting Athletes along with the Life Skills department also hold an annual pediatric brain cancer awareness Husker Football game. During this weekend full of football and fun, the Team Jack Family is able to attend practice and dinner with the team on Friday night, a tailgate party hosted by Team Jack Foundation, and finally, attend the game on Saturday where they are all able to sit together as a group.

Events like these help the families stay in touch as well as offer support to one another. Many of these brain tumor fighters have their own wristband to help spread awareness. When these families get together you can see all of the colored bands lined up on everyone’s arms and is yet another reminder of how important it is to continue to fight for a cure. 

September is childhood cancer awareness month. Show your support by sharing this article and spreading awareness. 

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