What You Don't Know About The Team Jack Foundation

What You Don't Know About The Team Jack Foundation

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

You may know the Team Jack Foundation was founded with the specific goal of funding childhood brain cancer research, but there is probably a whole lot more about the Foundation that you do not know.  Over the years, the Team Jack Foundation has gained local, regional and national attention for its accomplishments within the cancer research field. The Foundation remains dedicated to their cause and, with the support of individuals and companies all over the nation, will diligently continue to work to fund impactful pediatric brain cancer research.  However, there is more to the Foundation that than you may realize.  Below are seven facts about the Team Jack Foundation you may not know.

1.      The Team Jack Foundation became an official 501(C)(3) in January 2013 and was founded by Andy & Brianna Hoffman in Atkinson, Nebraska, population 1,200.  In the summer of 2012, the Hoffmans took out a personal loan of $25,000 for the production of “Team Jack-Fighting for a Cure” officially Nebraska Husker collegiate licensed t-shirts, where the funds would support the CureSearch “Team Jack Foundation Legacy Fund”.  This was after their son, Jack, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had the opportunity to meet Rex Burkhead, who played a vital part in the creation of the Foundation.  Andy and Brianna decided to commit their time to finding a cure for child brain cancer. Andy Hoffman drove the state of Nebraska doing various radio interviews to raise awareness for the disease and sold 60,000 t-shirts to raise funds for the disease.  In total, he and his wife donated nearly $1 million to the legacy fund.  In January 2013, Andy & Brianna decided to form the Team Jack Foundation, out of inspiration of their son, Jack, solely to raise funds and awareness for pediatric brain cancer research.  

In April 2013, former Husker Coach, Bo Pelini, reached out to Jack’s dad in regards to the Spring Game.  It was there that Jack Hoffman ran the notorious 69-yard touchdown.  With the support of Rex Burkhead, the Nebraska Cornhuskers, the University of Nebraska and Nebraskans in general, the run gave the Foundation a platform to raise significant funds as a new organization.  To date, the Foundation has raised nearly $3 million for child brain cancer and is comprised of an eight person board of directors including Rex Burkhead that oversees the Foundation.

2.      The Team Jack Foundation’s management and general expenses account for less than 9% of their total revenue annually.  The Team Jack Foundation operates on approximately 8.6% of their total budget.  According to CharityNavigator.com, they believe that “charities which spend less than 10% of their budgets on fundraising all perform in a financially exceptional way.” The Foundation is comprised of two full-time staff members and one-part time staff member.  The Team Jack Foundation is unlike other cancer foundations in that your investment in Team Jack is closely attenuated to direct, impactful research. The CEO is a volunteer.  The Team Jack Foundation was formed out of a grass roots movement and will continue to work as a grassroots non-profit, relying on hardworking staff members and volunteers.  The Foundation takes pride in maintaining low operating expenses in order for more dollars to be allocated toward their mission. 

3.       In addition to raising awareness and funds for child brain cancer, the Team Jack Foundation prides itself on the relationships it has made and continues to make with other families closely related to the disease.  Over the years, the Foundation has formed the “Team Jack Family” which includes over 40 families from across the Midwest including Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and South Dakota.  These families have not only become advocates for the disease, but also for the Foundation.  Total, through fundraising events and general donations, the families have raised over $100,000 and counting for research through the Team Jack Foundation.  In addition to raising funds, these families come together through various events annually including the September Brain Cancer Awareness Football Game hosted by the University of Nebraska- Lincoln’s Uplifting Athlete Chapter and many other events.

4.       The Team Jack Foundation’s sole purpose is to raise awareness and funds for pediatric brain cancer research.  100 percent of all profit after expenses goes to childhood brain cancer research.  Of every dollar donated to the Foundation, $0.87 goes to research.  The Foundation works with a group of medical advisors to find the best investment for their dollar.  View the Team Jack Foundation scientific advisory board:  http://www.teamjackfoundation.org/research/scientific-advisory-board

5.       While the ultimate goal of the Team Jack Foundation is to find a cure, another primary area of focus for the Foundation is to find kinder, gentler treatment options so that children can lead a better quality of life during and after treatment.  Brain tumors are often located in the control center for thought, memory, sensation, emotion, vision and movement, and therefore, their effects can be particularly devastating.  Surviving a brain tumor, especially for a child, is no doubt, a cause for celebration; however, it is also an ongoing process.  Most late effects of a brain tumor are caused by the treatment, not by the tumor.  These effects include:  stunted growth from the radiation, hearing loss from chemotherapy, infertility, likeliness for other cancers and the list goes on.  Investing in research that focuses on better treatment options for children is important to eliminate the harsh side effects of the current treatment.  To date, the Foundation has invested more than $2 million in research that results in better treatment options for children with a brain tumor.

6.      Its research is making a huge difference.  In October 2013, Team Jack made a $300,000 commitment to help fund a pediatric brain tumor clinical trial that focuses on identifying brain cancer genetic mutations, and then treating those mutations with chemically engineered smart drugs.  In return, this will allow for kinder treatment for children with brain tumors.  This project is currently ongoing and in process.  The principal investigator of this trial is Dr. Mark Kieran who recently investigated a similar clinical trial to research genomic testing.  Read more here about the success of his recent trial:  http://blog.dana-farber.org/insight/2016/01/in-precision-medicine-pioneering-young-brain-tumor-patient-teaches-veteran-doctor/.  The Team Jack Foundation is on the verge of groundbreaking research and your dollars are making this possible.

7.      Every Donation Counts – The majority of Team Jack Foundation’s funding comes from small, individual contributions.  The average donation to the Foundation is $74.00.  Because of this, the Foundation has the freedom to focus on research that matters most.  In addition to an eight panel board of directors, the Foundation also has a seven person advisory board.  The Board is comprised of distinguished physicians, each nationally and internationally recognized for excellence in his or her field of research.  The sole responsibility of this Board is to solicit, review, and select research projects to receive grant funding directly from the Foundation.  Not only can a donation be made through our website, by mail, or over the phone, but the office located in Atkinson, NE, is open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm in which visitors are always welcome. T-shirts are available on-site as well. The goal of the Foundation is simple:  to raise as much money as they can, as fast as they can and put these dollars into the hands of the best researchers possible.

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