YOU Inspire Us....

YOU Inspire Us....

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The significance of the Team Jack Foundation is that it is truly a community centered, grassroots movement.  Each day we are reminded of this by the generosity of volunteers, fundraisers, and of course by those who donate.  As we reflect on the past year, we often think about all of those who have taken the time to make a contribution, write a note, send a card, or write a Facebook post with words of inspiration, gratitude and thankfulness.   We have individuals participating in tri-atholons, shaving their heads, holding garage sales, just to name a few---all to raise money for research. Because of your efforts, this is why Team Jack is making an impact.  Each day we are inspired by YOU and our gratitude to YOU is unending. 

We were recently overwhelmed by another person’s amazing graciousness. Last month, a local Atkinson community member, Jerry Osborne, let us know that he nominated Team Jack for his company’s (SourceGas) charity of the month.   To his surprise, Team Jack was chosen and became the September Charity of Choice for SourceGas.

"This is a cause that is near and dear to my heart.  As a local community member, supporter, and friend to the family, I wanted to do my part and help make a difference.  I knew I could do that through my resources, so I did.  I am thankful for our company's support and to be employed by such a philanthropic organization who shares my passion for this Foundation," said Jerry Osborne, SourceGas Employee.

During the month of September, employees and executives at SourceGas Corporate Office located in Golden, Colorado, had a variety of fundraisers where proceeds benefitted Team Jack.  This included a salsa competition, lunch, raffle and jeans day.  On October 2nd, Andy Hoffman, on behalf of Team Jack, traveled to Golden Colorado to speak at the SourceGas corporate headquarters. There, he was able to share who Team Jack is, what we do and why we do it.  We also were given the opportunity to meet the generous individuals who were supporting our cause, including SourceGas CEO and President, Mr. Michael Noone.

On Thursday, November 6, Team Jack accepted a check from SourceGas in the amount of $9,220, which included a matching gift from CoBank Colorado.  Pictured here is Team Jack accepting a check from SourceGas employees:  Jerry Osborne and wife Melinda, Scott Johnson and wife Marlene, Justin Gould, Division Manager, and Charlene Reiman, Community & Government Affairs Manager.

For Team Jack this was more than just a check for research, it was also a chance to encourage others to help raise the profile of pediatric brain cancer.  Although the Foundation has been represented numerous times on a national scale, this opportunity gave us a chance to truly expand our footprint outside of Nebraska and continue to raise national awareness which will further our goal to make this disease a national priority. 

There is a major crisis in this country.  And you are helping us overcome it. Approximately 4,000 children are diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer annually.  As a result, extremely limited resources are allocated to pediatric brain cancer research by large-scale drug companies or the Federal government.  For a rare disease like this, there just isn’t the market incentive or the votes to support broad research initiatives. The funding gap created by this harsh reality is wider than the Grand Canyon. Thanks to you, we are filling the gap.

We exist because of you. There is no such thing as a small donation when it comes to fighting a rare disease. With over 95% of each dollar going to research, your dollars put us one step closer to finding a cure.  We are thankful because you have chosen to support our cause and fortunate to have you on our team.  Whether by nominating us for a grant (thanks Jerry), running 26 miles, asking your friends for a donation instead of a birthday present, or just wearing a t-shirt and sharing a Facebook post, it all brings us one step closer to a cure.  A drop in the bucket has a cumulative effect. Thanks for helping us fill the bucket.

We are thankful for YOU.


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